3, Rue Beck, 1222 Luxembourg
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Danish Deli is a Danish quality restaurant with delicious lunches, "smørrebrød" (open sandwiches), salads, burgers, sandwiches and more. It is also a shop with a wide selection of the very best quality food products from Denmark.
We also have a Danish baker and pastry chef in our team, and we are selling a selection of bread, rye bread, cakes and Danish pastry.
Finally we have a wine shop with more than 80 different wines all with a Danish connection. It's wines made by Danes or at Danish owned vineyards around the world.


Lundi08:00—11:30, 11:30—17:30, 17:30—20:00
Mardi08:00—11:30, 11:30—17:30, 17:30—20:00
Mercredi08:00—11:30, 11:30—17:30, 17:30—20:00
Jeudi08:00—11:30, 11:30—17:30, 17:30—20:00
Vendredi08:00—11:30, 11:30—17:30, 17:30—20:00(Aujourd'hui)
Samedi10:00—11:30, 11:30—17:30, 17:30—20:00
Dimanche11:00—11:30, 11:30—16:00


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  • "Pariserbøf" 17,00€ "Pariserbøf" - a Danish specialty with a chopped steak on a slice of toasted bread served with pickled beetroots, pickles, horseradish, onion, capers and egg yolk
  • "Stjerneskud" 18,00€ "Stjerneskud" - a traditional Danish dish with a fried fish fillet of plaice, a steamed fillet of plaice and smoked salmon on toasted bread with shrimps, caviar and red dressing
  • Danish Deli burger 19,00€ Danish Deli burger with your choice of chicken or beef in tomato bun with melted cheese, bacon, red onions, pickled cucumbers and tomato chutney served with fried potatoes and chili mayo
  • Fish cakes 15,00€ Fried fish cakes of cod fish with sauce remoulade, pickled cucumber, lemon and rye bread
  • Salad with chicken or salmon 16,00€ Salad with avocado, pink grapefruit, tomato, red pepper, cucumber, red onion, almonds, grape & honey vinaigrette and your choice of smoked salmon or chicken
  • Vegetarian pasta dish 13,00€
  • “Smørrebrød” - 2 open-faced sandwiches on our own rye bread 17,00€ “Smørrebrød” - 2 open-faced sandwiches on our own rye bread
    • Eggs with shrimps, lemon mayonnaise, asparagus, cherry tomato and cress
    • Roast beef of sirloin with herb remoulade, fried onions, freshly grated horseradish and pickled cucumber.
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  • Café gourmand 8,00€ Gourmet coffee with a selection of cakes from our own bakery

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