Place Guillaume II, 24, 1648 Luxembourg
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Once upon a time there was a young girl who met two boys.... and thirty years later the three of them opened up a restaurant, or to be more precise a beef club.

It was the beginning of a flaming passion, 800 degrees hot.... this is where we start talking about Southbend – our state of the art grill that allows us with temperatures of up to 800degrees to prepare your meat to perfection.

We are the first restaurant in Luxembourg to use this extremely powerfull grill which is used in the best meat restaurants worldwide

We use fresh, high quality and hand-chosen ingredients that are seasonal, locally sourced where possible, and sustainable. We present each dish in a way that tempts your senses and satisfies your palate because technique is important, but your experience is most important

We are always looking for different breeds to improve our meat selection offer you a constantly changing fariety of cuts.

We dry-age our meat on-site, in a temperature controlled, dehumidified environment, bringing out the full concentration of flavour.

We cater for the most dedicated carnivore.

Tanja, Mickey, Mario


Mardi12:00—14:00, 18:00—22:00
Mercredi12:00—14:00, 18:00—22:00
Jeudi12:00—14:00, 18:00—22:00
Vendredi12:00—14:00, 18:00—22:30
Dimanche12:00—15:00, 18:00—22:30


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